Next Race: May 19-20

Las Vegas, NV

2017/05/20 09:00:00


Our racing programs are the easiest and fastest way to hop in the driver’s seat of a real purpose-built racecar with a professional coaching curriculum created by world-class racing driver. The Intro To Racing is the perfect program for the driver new to racing while the 3-day Racing School program is the best gateway to motorsports and racing for all levels of drivers. Intro to Racing: $1,990 & 3-day Racing School program: $3,900
Your adrenaline on high. Our car on the rivet and a clock to be the judge. Race the clock in this thrilling race format. Come out for a 12-lap sessions on one of racetracks, set the fastest lap and qualify for to be the winner of the final shootout race. This competition is perfect for new racers and is open to all. Available year-round in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. From $490 / 12-lap session.
Race the best tracks in the US with our exclusive racecar, the EXR LV02. Designed for amateur racers and professional teams as well as young drivers, the new spec-series is the ideal next step in the career development ladder following our racing school program. Our arrive-and-drive packages provide a premium full-service for a race weekend.
endurance race las vegas
Organized on the most prestigious racetracks across the US, our endurance races offer friendly competitions for teams with a mix of skill and experience levels. As many as 5 drivers can share a car, making the endurance format the ideal place for groups of friends or family members to race together. 2-hour race starts at $5,000 / driver. 24-h race at $15,000 / driver. Exclusive: Backup car available!



After Race #4

RankNat.First NameLast NameTotal
1United States of America(USA)HenryMORSE215 pts
2-TIEUnited States of America(USA)TomasMEJIA141 pts
2-TIEFranceDavidPERISSET141 pts
4United States of America(USA)TimCONNOLLY128 pts
5United States of America(USA)ChristianROCHE126 pts
6United States of America(USA)MarkRAMSEY96 pts
8United States of America(USA)BillHYNES80 pts
7United States of America(USA)ShawnHAYES63 pts
9TaiwanLiCHANG60 pts
10United States of America(USA)MichaelHALVERSON58 pts
EXR Sprint Series 2017 Standings - Top Ten
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After Race #3

RankNat.First NameLast NameTotal
1United States of America(USA)ChristopherHILL130 pts
2-TIEUnited States of America(USA)BillHYNES109 pts
2-TIEFranceAlexPREMAT109 pts
4FranceRomainTHIEVIN97 pts
5FranceDavidPERISSET95 pts
6United States of America(USA)HenryMORSE85 pts
7United States of America(USA)ChristianROCHE80 pts
8ScotlandRichardMCINTOSH73 pts
9United States of America(USA)RogerEAGLETON72 pts
10FranceTristanVAUTIER71 pts
EXR Endurance Series - 2017 Championship Standings - Top Ten
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