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Even at just 16 years old, Henry Morse knows a bit about racing.  He stepped onto the podium seven times en route to becoming the 2016 Pirelli World Challenge Rookie of the Year. He has worked as Formula E development driver, is a ten-time karting champion, and has extensive arrive and drive experience.  Currently leading the 2017 EXR Series Sprint Championship and having won Round #2 of the Endurance Championship from last on the grid, Henry was blown away by the EXR Series LV02 platform. 


“Of all the cars and karts I have raced, I have never seen vehicles so well balanced performance-wise, nor have I driven anything that was so enjoyable to drive. I can’t imagine how much work it takes to do this, but they do it at the EXR Series! The LV02 is a fantastic blend of user-friendly and challenging complexity; it allows less experienced drivers to develop their skills, but at the same time demands experienced pros to dig deep in order to extract all of the performance that the LV02 has to offer. No other arrive and drive experience comes close to this level of professionalism that the EXR Series has achieved.  The series visits the best locations the region has to offer, and the staff could not possibly be more warm, thorough, or professional.”

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Henry Morse
Racing Driver

Mark, an SVP for Data & Analytics, started racing with us last year at our premier event at the famous Circuit of the Americas track; he then joined the racing school under the instruction of pros Tristan Vautier and Alex Premat.

17424994_580284105501151_1490887412117592466_n“Over the last few years, I completed several driving schools, and even earned my racing license, but was not comfortable taking the next step.  I was thrilled to see the EXR arrive-and-drive program.  It removed the need for me to sort out how to go from schools to real racing.  The racing school is the best!  It actually teaches how to race.  Each event is a race, but also a chance to work with the instructors on getting faster.  With everyone competing in the LV02, it is all about driving skills to reach a podium finish.”

“In April 2016 I joined the EXR Racing Series for the first race of the series held at the fabulous Circuit of the Americas (COTA) track in Austin, TX.  It was my first step from attending high performance driving schools into the world of competitive racing.  The EXR team, including Tristan Vautier, Alex Premat & Kevin Madsen were fabulous in helping me understand how to drive the LV02 race car on the track, get faster, and begin to learn race craft.  Going from driving schools where everyone is doing lead/follow or has very constrained passing while on safe straights to racing with a collection of cars on the track and the ideal passing spot is in the braking zone was a BIG change for sure.”

“Throughout 2016 I was able to join four race weekends for a total of 8 races.  The weekends also included practice sessions and 2 qualifying sessions before each race.  In November, I was also able to attend the Exotics Racing 3-day racing school to help learn more. After fun sessions at COTA, Sonoma, and two races in Las Vegas, I was able to get my performance down from a start of being ~20 seconds off P1 at COTA to less than 1.5 seconds off the P1 pace for the final race in Las Vegas.  Still more work to do, but making progress. After taking the great Exotics Racing school and 3 races I was able to apply for my SCCA Pro racing license.  Today, my SCCA Pro license and EXRSeries driver id arrived.  I am ready for the 2017 EXR Racing Series beginning at Homestead Speedway on March 4th!!!”

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Mark Ramsey
SVP for Data & Analytics

BES_Edits_-50“After a solid 2016 season and a victory in the Las Vegas Endurance race with my teammate Alex Premat, I can’t wait to get the 2017 EXR Series started. I’ve been able to practice in the off season with the EXR Racing School and my times have gotten faster and more importantly, very consistent. The EXR LV02 racecars are safe and fun to drive. Drivers from all skill levels have a great time in these very competitive races. This is truly the best arrive-and-drive program out there, from the time you arrive you only have to worry about driving the car. The EXR Series mechanics and staff take care of all the rest!”

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Bill Hynes
CEO & Founder at Think Loud Development


I think some of you are on vacation this week, some are probably working, but regardless I wanted to first thank you from the depths of my heart for each of you absolutely digging down to make this weekend possible:  

Alexis: you found Henry. You started this a year after we found EXR and thought it would forever only be a dream. You made it real. Then you did whatever it took to make us feel wanted, supported, and helped us along the way to make it quite literally a perfect weekend. 

17522886_580284288834466_5899208825979994392_nDavid: you made us feel so welcome and part of the family. You specifically took Henry under your wing, coached him on the specifics of the track and the car, you let him right seat with you, and basically did everything in your power to get him up to speed. This is why I declared you a true champion on social media: you do what it takes to help others be their best. That’s a rare trait these days and you have it. The business you have created here stands as testament to your belief in the power of providing an exhilarating and positive place for people to enjoy the best cars and you make lifelong memories possible. 

Alex: you manage the machine in a way that defines grace in motion, and I am not talking about the car!  Doing ten things at once, you said exactly what we needed to hear and then actually followed up each time on what you said you would, 10 out of 10 times. I don’t even know how that is possible. Henry and I were beyond impressed. We were stunned. 

Kevin: a blast from the past, and how you have continued to mature and master your art of race direction, crowd control, and diplomacy is nothing short of world class. Your dedication, on top of doing all the complex duties of your job with grace, to then also find just enough time on the side to text the entire planet to find not just anyone, but a capable someone, to pair with Henry, in the 13th hour quite literally, encapsulates not only your dedication to your employer and to your clients to make them feel like each of them are your top priority, but ultimately to the sport as a real enthusiast. You wanted it to be good. You made it the best.  

I will get back to later, we have a lot of promises to fulfill on our end still, but for now, it needs to be said; you are all amazing people and we can’t thank you enough all you did to make this experience possible. Please extend our thanks and gratitude to Zach (sp?) JD, Ben, Johnny, and the rest of your crew who clearly love what they do and made this event possible.  
Very best, 

Ben and Henry Morse”

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Ben Morse
Acquisition Manager at Scott Robinson Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Known for racing the 25 Hours of Thunderhill and the US Touring Car Championship, Roger Eagleton won the EXR Sprint race at Sonoma.

BES_Edits_-56“Who says grown-ups can’t have heroes? Certainly not the founders at the EXR Racing Series! With accomplished world famous racers like Alexandre Premat (24 Hours of Le Mans, V8 Supercars) and professional stunt drivers like Romain Thievin (Ronin, Taxi and The Bourne Identity) this is THE racing school to come when you are looking up your game by getting one-on-one coaching with hardcore, data and video driven feedback from the guys you normally see on TV and read about in the magazines! But don’t let their warm and friendly personalities fool you, these guys mean business, and that business is to make you a faster, more disciplined racer with an improved arsenal of practical skills. So what could possibly be better than getting coaching from and racing against your heroes? Nothing.”

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Roger Eagleton
President at Energy Real Estate, Inc.

BES_Edits_-14Richard, an accomplished entrepreneur, started racing with us after his High Performance Driving Experience at Exotics Racing; he then joined the racing school. Under the instruction of pros Tristan Vautier and Alex Premat, Richard saw this lap times drop after every lap.

“Their knowledge and ability is unparallaled, and if you just listen to them, you’ll drive like them.” He has signed for the season. “If you are looking for a fun ans thrilling racing experience, this is the series for you. It has certainly been perfect for me. This is a 1st class team of racing experts who work hard to make sure you have all you need to win. They set everything up perfectly, but it’s up to me to get on podium which is half the fun.”

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Richard McIntosh

17426045_580284142167814_4798183275697667469_nAs a professional driver who once competed in European NASCAR, Romain Thievin knows a thing or two about real competition. Winning the 2016 EXR Racing Series Championship has been his most fun and rewarding experience thus far.

“Every race is a real adventure with drivers of different levels thoughout the field”, says Thievin. “Every driver finds someone to battle with at their level so no matter where you finish, there are small victories up and down the pack. Plus, the service and the attention to detail are at a very high level, so everyone can feel like a pro.”

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Romain Thievin
CEO of Exotics Racing